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The new EU wine Regulation entered into force on the 1. of august 2000. Subsequently wine growers in Denmark, were allowed to grow grapes for commercial wine production. So far, the Danish wine growers have approval to grow wine of up to 99 hectares in Denmark. For permission above this limit, the wine rules in Denmark must be reassessed. The 99 acres is not a final quota that must not be exceeded. Therefore, wine growers do not need to (as many believe) apply for permission to get a part of these 99 hectares. They only need to register with the Ministry as a commercial producer.

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Local communities


Image by K. Jørgensen

Local members of group in north of Zealand are inspecting grapes in the vineyard.

Study Tours

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Image by K. Jørgensen

Every second year Danish winegrowers are visiting other wine producing EEC contries.

In 2010 UK (see picture) and 2012 Toscana Italie.


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Image by K. Jørgensen 

Every year in June and August all winegrowers in Denmark are competing on the yearly wineshow.

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